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Career Advancement Through Skill Development

All of our online learning courses are now hosted by OpenSesame.com where you can preview and buy the full curriculum, the individual courses, or select and purchase your own bundles.

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Mission Critical Customer Service Skills Courses:

  1. Telephone Etiquette - Make the caller feel glad they called
  2. Trust & Rapport Building - Rapidly strengthen relationships in a business setting
  3. Active Listening Skills - Prevent errors and earn the right to be heard
  4. Problem Solving - Systematically solve problems without creating others
  5. Defusing Anger - Defuse anger quickly so you can begin the problem-solving process
  6. Stress Control - Minimize the impact of stressors in the work setting
  7. Managing Customer Expectations - Create and change expectations without evoking anger
  8. Business E-mail Etiquette - Know the differences between business and personal email etiquette
  9. Goal Setting - Prioritize, achieve more, and keep your own morale high
  10. Creating Customer Loyalty - Analyze your customer interactions and develop actions for improvement

Our courses provide:

  • Observable & measurable skills - view client quotes
  • Tests at the end of each module demonstrate knowledge gained
  • Transcripts for registered supervisors
  • Skills observation Job Aids demonstrate transfer of knowledge and skill back on the job
  • Courses are interactive, engaging and easy to navigate
Create a Legacy of Legendary Customer Service!

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